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Publishers Of The Truth - Children Of The Light Foot Notes & Bibliography:
Publishers Of The Truth
                        by Pamela Calvert

Key (see bibliography below for details):
"BYM" Britain Yearly Meeting Quaker Faith & Practice
"WACC" World Association for Christian Communication "Christian Principles of Communication"

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[13]The speed of projected film. TV transmissions, video tape, and DVD play at 30 fps.
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[55]Many other filmmakers strenuously differ. "Few in documentary were as clear (and as legendary) as Stoney was about the importance of people being in control of the media being made about them. In his words: 'People should do their own filming, or at least feel they control the content. I've spent much of my life making films about teachers or preachers that these people ought to have made about themselves." Faye Ginsburg, "The After-Life of Documentary: The Impact of You Are on Indian Land," Abrash, p. 62
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Website: World Association for Christian Communication, "Christian Principles of Communication,"

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