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Friends Media Watch The Bridge Film Festival
                        by Dana Kester-McCabe
"I am a little pencil in the hand of God, who is sending a love letter to the world."
- Mother Teresa of Calcutta

Every year Quaker students come together to share their love letters to the world in the form of videos they have made for Brooklyn Friends School's annual Bridge Film Festival. Some are sad some are sweet. All are a unique ministry. The annual competition is for kids from Quaker schools and Meetings producing short films that affirm Quaker values. This program has developed into a special opportunity for witness for the students, the founder of the festival and everyone else associated with it. The following articles share first hand accounts of this year's festival. Though we did not get a chance to interview any of the kids - (we'll try to do that next year) - we'll let their winning films speak for themselves.

PART ONE: Faithful Witness Interview with festival founder Andy Cohen, media teacher at Brooklyn Friends School

PART TWO: Faithful Witness Interview with festival judge Tom Hoopes, Philadelphia Yearly Meeting Coordinator of Education Programs

Visit the Bridge Film Festival site to see photos from the festival and watch streaming video of the winning entries:
Bridge Film Festival Draws Student Films from Around the World
BFS 2003 Festival Finalist List

Festival Facts:
  • The 2003 festival received 23 films from 12 Friends' Schools and 1 Meeting.
  • Three countries including: England, Lebanon and the United States were represented.
  • Of the 23 films entered, 11 were chosen as "finalist films" for screening at the event.
  • Entry is only open to students, (grades 5-12) attending Friends' Schools or students who are Quaker and are members of a Friends' Meeting.

    Additionally, the criteria includes:
  • Films must not exceed 12 minutes in length.
  • Content must reflect Quaker values.
    (The festival is not looking for films about Quakerism but rather films that depict Quaker values in action.)
  • Films must have an adult Advisor.
  • Film entries must be submitted and fees paid for by the school or meeting.

Dana Kester-McCabe is a freelance graphic artist, writer and designer from Bishopville, Maryland.

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