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Friends Media Watch Oh by the way… the war is not over...
                        by Dana Kester-McCabe

As readers know, the military invasion of Iraq has now been classified differently. The U.S. government says that it is by and large finished. But, technically the war is not yet over. This allows the "coalition of the willing" to remain as an armed occupying force. In response news organizations in many cases have pulled out their "first string" teams and replaced them with their "Junior Varsity" staff. As the media turn their attention to a broader slate of topics once more, let us not forget what is happening in Iraq and Afghanistan. People are still dying and suffering there and the issues that brought us to these times are not yet resolved. And terrorist threats everywhere are as high as they have ever been.

Please keep these things in your prayers and also those journalists who are covering these dangerous areas. Some may have less experience and less protection. In some places they have also become targets. To certain people they symbolize our culture and the violence, poverty and illness that are a direct result of war by us against them.

God bless and keep them and the people in their stories.

Dana Kester-McCabe is a freelance graphic artist, writer and designer from Bishopville, Maryland.

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