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This site is dedicated to children everywhere who are learning about Quakerism. The content presents a simplified explanation of The Religious Society of Friends, their beliefs, traditions, and history. Parents are encouraged to visit this site with their children. Teachers are welcome to download and print materials for use in their classes.
Famous Friends

Famous Friends

​Meet a variety of Quakers who have become well known nationally or internationally: Ministers, Activists, Politicians, Artists, Scientists, Entrepreneurs, and some folks with Quaker beginnings.

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Meet Famous Quakers

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Daisy Newman

​Daisy Newman (1904 - 1994) was an author of fiction and non-fiction. Many of her works are about Quakerism. Her most well known works are I Take Thee Serenity a novel about Quaker weddings and A Procession of Friends a history of Quakers in America.
 ​Quaker Saying ~ Answer that of God in everyone

Translation ~ Listen carefully to what people say. Try to find something good. Respond fairly.

God can speak through anyone.