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This site is dedicated to children everywhere who are learning about Quakerism. The content presents a simplified explanation of The Religious Society of Friends, their beliefs, traditions, and history. Parents are encouraged to visit this site with their children. Teachers are welcome to download and print materials for use in their classes.
An Introduction To The Life of Jesus

An IntroductionTo The Life of Jesus

Learn about Jesus’ life as it was told in the musical Godspell and the New Testament gospels of Matthew and Luke in five multimedia lessons. Each lesson covers one part of Jesus’ story and a little bit about how it relates to Quakerism. There are also queries for discussion.

Meet Famous Quakers

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Jessamyn West

​Jessamyn West (1902-1984) was an American writer. She is most well known for her book "Friendly Persuasion" which was made into a 1956 movie starring Gary Cooper, Dorothy Malone, and Anthony Perkins. The story was about a Quaker family trying to live according to their faith during the Civil War. It was nominated for an Academy Award as best picture.
 ​What is the sign for Quakerism in American sign language?

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