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SPICES - Learn Quaker Testimonies

SPICES - The Quaker Testimonies

​Our testimonies are the way we live what we believe. Find out about Simplicity, Peace, Integrity, Community, Equality, and Stewardship.

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Edward Burrough

​Edward Burrough (1634 - 1663) was an early British Quaker leader who died in prison for his beliefs. He was a preacher and a pamphlet writer. He is famous because he engaged in a written debate in defense of Quakerism, with John Bunyon, author of The Pilgrim's Progress an allegorical novel about being a Christian.
 Friends communities make decisions during Meeting for Worship for Business. Sometimes everyone agrees to go ahead even if everyone does not have the same ideas about the decision. Some might not like it but they agree not to "stand in the way" of the plan.

The final decision is called "Sense of the Meeting".