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by Dana Kester-McCabe
Recently, as I was doing my usual web searches for any and all things Quaker, I came across an article about a Scottish Quaker who won 50,000 on a television quiz show. He shared a small portion of his winnings with the losing contestants. He then admitted he did not own a TV because there was too much "rubbish" on it. It was interesting that the headline and focus of the article hinged on his disdain for television rather than his unusual display of generosity. I must admit his participation and acceptance of the money seemed somehow hypocritical in view of his contempt for all things television. His story reminded me of a number of other Friends I know.
Posted: 10 Jan 2005

A reply to the Query on media influence by Valerie Morrissey.
I recall that one of my required readings in high school during the latesixties was a small volume entitled "The Medium is the Massage" by MarshallMcLuhan. We had a lengthy debate on what that title meant. We are certainly being massaged today by the media (media being the plural of medium), if not beaten over the head by it. We get massaged and talked into all sorts of things. Being employed at a daily newspaper I get a double dose every day. I have been cutting back lately on watching news on television.
Posted: 20 Aug 2004

by Dana Kester-McCabe
We are bombarded by images of war, violence and cruelty in our culture. Many Friends wisely limit their exposure to the media, getting their news from PBS, NPR, and their most trusted newspapers; and their entertainment from music, books and movies that inspire them. Often this is easier said than done. During an election year things are even worse. It is pretty hard to get away from a media which seems to have only its own best interest in mind when it is not being manipulated by one group or another.
Posted: 05 Aug 2004

Sharon MullallyWhen you meet Sharon Mullally, you know right away you are meeting a creative communicator. She has a friendly, easy manner, and a ready smile. When she talks, she gets right to the point yet with gentle wit. I met Sharon face to face, at the Annual Sessions of Philadelphia Yearly Meeting, after an email correspondence that began through the Friends Media Project. Her work reputation had preceded her. Her story shows how media work can be a holistic expression of values.
Posted: 18 Feb 2004

By Dana Kester-McCabe
Recently a preview of this new HBO Film on Quaker Alice Paul was hosted at the Library of Congress.
Posted: 15 Feb 2004